Applications for MLESA 2018 opened on 15th February 2018. 
The deadline for receiving applications is till May 15th 2018, 24:00 GMT


Course fee is 520 USD (3 weeks programme) covers:

  • Educational program and materials 
  • Intensive course ended by certificate
  • 5 ECTS credits (after successfully finishing of the course)
  • Supervision 24/7 by English speakers/organizations
  • Lecturers and management of the MLESA
  • Course fee doesn´t cover accommodation, food and trips but they are arranged for you in the school campus. Please choose from options bellow (for more information go to "Accomodation").
    Acommodation, food & trips options 
    480 USD/3 weeks
    HALF BOARD* 250 USD/3 weeks
    530 USD/3 weeks
    *Breakfast, lunch, coffee break between lectures a day from Monday till Friday
    **Full free time programme including traveling costs, entrances and tour guide - please see the complete programme here:

    Participants will have to cover travel arrangements to and from Prague, medical insurance, any visa fees, or any other expenses on their own.
    Program changes reserved.


    Visa are not needed for Korea´s and Taiwan´s inhabitans.
    For Chinese inhabitans please follow instruction bellow.
    Instruction for Chinese inhabitants:
    In order for you to be able to travel to Prague it is necessary to obtain a visa. It is vital to get a head start with the process, and therefore be able to have everything done in time.

    Since the procedure is a lengthy one, it is desirable to start completing the materials as soon as possible. Please note that the organizers cannot be responsible for your visa application and you are to complete all the required steps on your own. In order for you to have as much information as possible, we have prepared a checklist for your convenience.

    Register at and schedule an appointment with a Consulate/Embassy (The General Consulate of the Czech Republic in Shanghai will accept visa applications from students from the provinces: Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, and from the city of Shanghai. The Embassy of the Czech republic in Beijing will accept visa applications from students from any provinces not listed above. Please note that that only these two places are available to the students from mainland China) of the Czech Republic for a short-term visa. Once you schedule an appointment, it is guaranteed that you will be interviewed. Every registration must be done from a unique IP address. At the appointment, you will be required to present all of the following materials:

    1. Passport with an expiration date of no less than six months from the date of travel and with at least two blank pages. A copy of the data page (with your photo) should be also presented.
    2. Filled out official Schengen Visa application with your photograph. It is required for the photograph to have a white background.
    3. Official invitation from the hosting university, which will be send to you from the organizers upon the receipt of the registration fee for the MLESA for the period from July 2 to August 10, 2015. Please allow several weeks for the letter to be mailed to your address. It is necessary to provide the Embassy/Consulate with the original as well as with a copy of the invitation letter.
    4. Official dispatch letter confirming your attendance at the MLESA on behalf of your sending institution. Information about your field and the duration of your studies should be provided.
    5. Valid return airplane ticket
    6. Travel insurance for the whole Schengen. Insurance effective in the Czech Republic only is not sufficient.
    7. Evidence of financial resources: proof of liquid assets sufficient to pay for the entire stay. A statement from your bank account should be sufficient.
    8. Receipt provided to you from the organizers after the successful transfer of the registration fee for the MLESA.
    9. Administrative fee RMB 500, payable to the Embassy/Consulate.

    Please be in time. Since the whole process will take numerous weeks and is not without potential complications, it is advised to start completing the materials as soon as possible. If you should require any additional information, and are not able to find it on your own, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.